Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tyranny or Sovereignty? We are at a crossroads.

We should be on a mission to have the availability and right to provide clean, non-toxic, nourishing, traditional, health promoting foods that will nourish our families and also have sovereignty over our bodies and that of our own children. 

We should be calling for Responsible Technology that will grow and provide foods that promote health, are free of toxic chemicals that are unproven to be safe (especially for our children), and advocate for a return to sustainable organic farming techniques. 

I am a "Seeker of Health" through whole foods, as nature provides, that are free of toxic chemicals and genetic alteration and traditional foods that are not made in a laboratory.

I am a Health-Freedom Advocate for the availability of organic whole foods, nutraceutical supplements, and access to natures plant based approaches including proven ancient Chinese, homeopathic, nutraceutical interventions, herbal, functional, holistic, social community, frequency, sound therapy, and integrative medicines. 

We should be advocating for the right to choose a path of holistic health-care advice and functional root cause resolution approaches, towards disease prevention and diagnosis, as a God-given sovereign chosen path to medical care, health and healing.

Physical movement and the right food can be a powerful medicine.