Thursday, June 8, 2023

So, what is Hydrogel and why is it being put into our Food, Air, Water, and Medicines?

Why has our overall health and wellness declined so unexpectedly and rapidly?

What is going on with all the "sudden" deaths? 

So, I did a little checking to see if anything new was being learned to explain the cause of the ever increasing sudden deaths of people all over the World and any viable or possible treatment that can mitigate the contamination or delay these sudden deaths.

I wanted to make sure I was doing all I could to be able to protect myself from the sudden decline in wellness, ever increasing suffering of new disabilities, and, of course, death, that has rapidly taken over many, many, families.  I also try to keep current with possible protocols, to be able to share any working methods to folks who wants that type of information, so they can go on to do their own research.  I want to do what I can, and then let go in prayer and faith, knowing that God can cover the rest, as this is my Biblical Worldview. 

The following bullet points are notes I took from viewing interviews from a Medical Doctor, Former Pharmacy Technical Analyst, and a Former FEMA / DHA Employee (see interviews for your own discovery, findings, interpretations, and information, this is only what I found and learned and by no means is it exhaustive, complete, or known, and will undoubtedly change and evolve as more time and research is completed). 

I took these notes from these interviews with Celeste Solum, Dr. Ana Mihalcea, and Karen Kingston and am sharing what they have learned and have shared from digging through white papers, technical journals, military journals, government documents, patents, published science articles, and maybe the best show of proof shown to me to explain what is going on came from actually LOOKING UNDER A MICROSCOPE at the BLOOD of people seeking help and answers to maintain or obtain health, while the human genome is under our current toxic attack and alteration. 

What I found out is that a very good place to start is to understand Hydrogel and the rest should fall into place and it is my attempt to share my thoughts as to why everything seems to have gone so very crazy.

grows a soft, pliable, rubber like polymer based plastic in human blood
when allowed to grow without being removed from the blood.

So, what is Hydrogel and why is it in our Food, Air, Water, and Medicines?

  • Hydrogel is a Living Material that is intelligent, called synthetic biology, and it grows a pliable, rubber like, polymer based plastic, inside the human body.  Typical Blood Thinners will NOT DISOLVE Hydrogel, but EDTA is seen in the manufacturer’s patents to dissolve Hydrogel.
  • Hydrogel is; the Spike Protein; Lipid (code for Nano-tech) Nano Particle (LNP); PEGylated Nano-Particles (PEG); and looks Ribbon-like in the blood.
  • Frequency is able to feed the Hydrogel AI coded messages acting as Biological Computers that respond to Electromagnetic radiation inside the cells.
  • Karen Kingston said after reading the many patents that she has “Cracked the Code”:  modRNA (mRNA) simply means “AI software”.  Modified Messenger RNA is encoded into the pathogenic, genetically altered, and lab created Spike (S) (Glyco)Protein; aka Hydrogel.  It is Biological and Synthetic in nature.
  • AI modRNA CODE can be sent via frequency into the cells to begin to edit, hybridize, and reprogram the cells with whatever non-human DNA (super, nonhuman) feature or change is desired.
  • AI is creating the Protein Sequence for the COVID “Variants” and China sells them.  They are a sequences of CODE.
  • COVID Variants and Sudden Death without warning from Cardio events seems to be targeted through EMF Pulses.  (If you can turn on your TV with your cell phone, you can trigger the same type of message inside the human cell that has been taken over by Hydrogel.)
  • COVID is not a known or typical cold or affluenza type illness; it is Synthetic Biology expressing non-human DNA which is toxic in the Body.  Proteins from other non-human DNA are programmed and triggered to activate from EMF Radiation REMOTELY.
  • Standard wiping down and cleaning does not kill this synthetic biology outside the body because they are Nano-sized devices spread into the environment and devices are not killed by standard antiseptic cleaners.

You can see the Hydrogel is the Yellow part in the images.
Whether Hydrogel is in the blood inside the human body,
or in a syringe once withdrawn from the human body and left to sit for a time,
it begins growing a
plastic-like rubbery, pliable, clot, and it uses the elements of the blood (RBC) to grow itself.

What is Hydrogel, what does it do?:

Ø Hydrogel can grow from Nano-sized to Centimeters (cm) long in minutes with electromagnetic radiation.

Ø  Hydrogel is not a Virus, but codon sequences from chimeric (multi-species) toxins that you can order from China and is a Genetic Material from Lifeforms that are not Human and contain non-human DNA.

Ø  Hydrogel steels Calcium and other elements from the human body to use as fuel to self-assemble.

Ø  Hydrogel steels or hijacks 47% of the life force of the body.

Ø  Hydrogel is self-replicating and self-assembling.

Ø  Hydrogel is programmable matter.

Ø  Hydrogel fuses with our own cells.

Ø  Hydrogel is a Polymer which creates Syn/Bio Cyborgs and Hybrids taking over the human body.

Ø  Hydrogel can develop into electronic devices with the help of graphene Nano-tubes and other metals.

Ø  Hydrogel develops into electronic robotic AI devices used as BioSensors.

Ø  Hydrogel excretes toxins.

Ø  Hydrogel is absorbent and has a degree of flexibility like Human Tissue, but harder to breach.

Ø Accelerated Aging Disease and Premature Death increases if NOT Detoxed out. 
See Thermography Images of Silent Blood Clots 


"Hydrogel is in most all Food, Municipal and Rain Water, Aerosolized from Geoengineering, and now has been found in MEDICATIONS including Benadryl, Lidocaine, Dexamethasone, Anesthetics, Insulin, and C19 Injections."

    ~ Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD



  • In order to preserve our life, the body’s immune system attacks self to react to the poison / antigen from the DNA from another species, to integrate the properties of the DNA into synthetically generated cells.
  • It is using the EMF’s from the phone to self-replicate and self-assemble inside the human body.
  • Graphene is carbon based Nano-tube materials and are like Nano-sized Razor Blades inside the body where it makes contact.
  • Spike Proteins are biological computers.
  • The Synthetic PROTEIN is another WORD for:  VIRUS, ANTIGEN, and TOXIN.  Spike Protein is Hydrogel and it is pre-programmed, has cognition, and is programmable from outside sources via EMF.


"Hydrogel hijacks the human cells, kills them by apoptosis and steels the cell’s genetic material from the Nucleus and reproduces a hybrid cell that is a Biological and Synthetic cell which is NO LONGER HUMAN."

~ Karen Kingston


Elon Musk’s Neurolink, which intends to implant microchips in the brain, received approval for human trials.  But, there is also something called “NeuraLace”.

Will NeuraLace or some other Synthetic Biology Patent use Injections with Hydrogel and the cross-species, non-human, Genetic manipulation through the modRNA Injections of Hydrogel?  

Hydrogel can cross into the brain and then signals can be sent to the brain.

The plan is not going to be to place chips into the brain; they will integrate this brain conversion from Human to Hybrid and then to Synth (Synthetic entity) with the Technology which uses Hydrogel and it will take over the entire body, so eventually you are no longer Human.  This is intended to be done by INJECTIONS (of Ultra-Miniature Devices) which are touted as being minimally invasive, of course.


Barack funded DARPA’s 1.5 Billion in 2016 for “The Brain Initiative”.  DARPS’s Brain Initiative IS the COVID19 Injection TECHNOLOGY to augment the brain and Dr. James Giordano publicly brags that they can already do it right now. is an Electric Rx... help the body heal itself through neuromodulation of organ functions using Ultraminiaturized Devices...
and can be delivered 
through minimally invasive INJECTIONS"


To me, what is described above is a Technology using CRISPR / Genetic Manipulation, Nano-Robotics, and the terrible intention of Merging Species, to directly get into the brain to “enhance” or “augment” it by; hijacking it, rebuilding it Synthetically, and hooking it to Artificial Intelligence for what only can be described as arrogant Directed Evolution or Human 2.0, in my view.  

What could go wrong?  

I think we are seeing the consequences of the experiment happen right under our noses and in front of our eyes... if we choose to acknowledge and see them.

Will Humans still officially exist with this plan to use Nano-Technology, AI and Hydrogel?  Do these Hybrids have the same Rights as Humans?  Something to ponder.